Adam & Steve from the Prime Time Fantasy Football podcast bring you their 2014 WR Rankings. For a breakdown of the rankings, including Joe's rookie WR rankings, listen to the 8/13 podcast. (Updated 8/13/14)

Adam's Wide Receiver Rankings

1. Calvin Johnson
2. Demaryius Thomas
3. A.J. Green
4. Dez Bryant
5. Brandon Marshall
6. Julio Jones
7. Jordy Nelson
8. Alshon Jeffery
9. Antonio Brown
10. Randall Cobb
11. Keenan Allen
12. Andre Johnson
13. Larry Fitzgerald
14. Vincent Jackson
15. Pierre Garcon
16. Wes Welker
17. Victor Cruz
18. DeSean Jackson
19. Michael Floyd
20. Percy Harvin
21. Roddy White
22. Michael Crabtree
23. Torrey Smith
24. T.Y. Hilton
25. Julian Edelman
26. Cordarrelle Patterson
27. Jeremy Maclin
28. Reggie Wayne
29. Marques Colston
30. Emmanuel Sanders
31. Golden Tate
32. Kelvin Benjamin
33. Sammy Watkins
34. DeAndre Hopkins
35. Eric Decker
36. Kendall Wright
37. Terrance Williams
38. Markus Wheaton
39. Mike Wallace
40. Justin Hunter
41. Anquan Boldin
42. Cecil Shorts
43. Riley Cooper
44. Dwayne Bowe
45. Danny Amendola
46. Brandin Cooks
47. Greg Jennings
48. Steve Smith
49. Mike Evans 
50. Josh Gordon
51. Tavon Austin
52. Charles Johnson
53. Rueben Randle
54. Stevie Johnson
55. Kenny Stills
56. Doug Baldwin
57. Jarrett Boykin
58. Andrew Hawkins
59. Malcom Floyd
60. Hakeem Nicks
Steve's Wide Receiver Rankings

1. Calvin Johnson
2. Demaryius Thomas
3. A.J. Green
4. Dez Bryant
5. Brandon Marshall
6. Alshon Jeffery
7. Jordy Nelson
8. Julio Jones
9. Antonio Brown
10. Randall Cobb
11. Keenan Allen
12. Vincent Jackson
13. Pierre Garcon
14. Andre Johnson
15. Larry Fitzgerald
16. Michael Floyd
17. Wes Welker
18. Victor Cruz
19. Roddy White
20. Michael Crabtree
21. Jeremy Maclin
22. Cordarrelle Patterson
23. Percy Harvin
24. DeSean Jackson
25. Torrey Smith
26. Mike Wallace
27. T.Y. Hilton
28. Kendall Wright
29. Marques Colston
30. Julian Edelman
31. Golden Tate
32. Eric Decker
33. Reggie Wayne
34. Terrance Williams
35. Emmanuel Sanders
36. Dwayne Bowe
37. Rueben Randle
38. Sammy Watkins
39. Cecil Shorts
40. Mike Evans
41. Riley Cooper
42. DeAndre Hopkins
43. Kelvin Benjamin
44. Brandin Cooks
45. Anquan Boldin
46. Justin Hunter
47. Marvin Jones
48. Brian Hartline
49. Hakeem Nicks
50. Greg Jennings
51. Tavon Austin 
52. Markus Wheaton
53. Kenny Stills
54. James Jones
55. Aaron Dobson
56. Danny Amendola
57. Steve Smith
58. Jordan Matthews 
59. Marqise Lee
60. Miles Austin



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