For more on Jerry Seinfeld's show and the rest of Musikfest, listen to episode 32 of the Showcast!
There were a lot of reasons for me to pass up on an opportunity to see Jerry Seinfeld perform as Musikfest’s first non-music headliner. 

I’ve watched a few episodes here and there of his overwhelmingly popular 1990s sitcom, but never really got into it the way avid fans had. I was hesitant to rely on the weather holding out, as the Sands Steel Stage is an outdoor venue. Heck, I had never been to a comedy show with a crowd so large (over 5,700). Shows like that can lose the intimate feeling of a smaller show. 

Despite all of these reasons, it only took one reason why I should go see Seinfeld to convince me – I love comedy. After all, who doesn’t love to get a good laugh? My desire to see whether or not Seinfeld’s standup routine would make me laugh in a way his show hasn’t quite done, drew me into the crowd that night. 
After an ominous weather forecast for much of the day, Mother Nature cooperated and gave the audience a perfect setting for a night of comedy. In case the crowd forgot about the historic steel mill landmark behind him, Seinfeld was quick to point out that Bethlehem decided to take tons of rust and turn it into a tourist attraction.

His set lasted just over an hour and was mostly comprised of observational humor. At the age of 61 (as he pointed out), he’s had plenty of experience to think of. I even heard a gentleman a few seats over saying “that’s true” throughout the night. After the fourth or fifth time I could only thing to myself, “We know dude. That’s why it’s funny.”

A large chunk of the set was spent talking food. And maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t eaten in a few hours, but by the time the show was over, I was starving. Part of the food jokes pointed out how similar the words sucks and great are. Seinfeld pointed out that he didn’t like going to “great” restaurants, because he ends up disappointed and walking away thinking that it “sucked.”

One hit with the audience was when he mentioned that when you’re eating an ice cream cone and the ice cream falls off, it sucks. “But what do you say,” as he threw his arms in the air, “that’s just great.”

Not every single joke had me laughing so hard I was slapping my knee (I literally did that a few times). But, there was a constant beam of laughter throughout. Almost every joke hit in some way.

He even mixed in some adult humor along the way, referencing erectile dysfunction pills. I actually thought this was some of his funniest material of the night.

Another part of life he touched on was our dependence on technology. This material seemed to hit the most with the rest of the crowd. From what I could see, it was a vastly mature audience. Because of that, they also had realized how technology and human interaction has changed. As Seinfeld mentioned, because speaking has been overrun by texting, he felt like a blacksmith standing on stage talking to us for an hour.

I was a little surprised he didn’t have an opener to get things warmed up, but I guess at this point, he doesn’t necessarily need one.

As he mentioned during the show, life isn’t too short, it’s too long. Old people are just trying to finish their time by going on cruises and doing crossword puzzles.

As I look back at the show, I can see it was a once in a lifetime experience.



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12/01/2016 11:50pm

Laughter is the best medicine. Indeed as what I have read, you've had a good laugh that night. Jerry Seinfeld has the power to affect his audience in a very positive way. It takes a good skill and a great humor to make people laugh through your words and actions. Only gifted people can do that. I wish to watch him one day!

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