Well, that was short-lived.

I was running a day or two late to post last week's training regimen in preparation of BattleFrog NJ on October 8th when I received a surprising email. BattleFrog Series is suspending the remaining races of 2016. So, unfortunately, I will no longer be posting my weekly training. 
Luckily, I was only two weeks back into getting ready for the race. Though I will still continue to train similarly to if I were getting ready for BattleFrog, I may be unable to log another race this season (One benefit of BF was it was easy on the wallet). If I do, I'll be sure to mention it on BeachPod


09/02/2016 5:32am

I love training, it gives me that strength and motivation to keep going no matter how hard the situation is, We all have goals and to reach that goal we must put efforts and sacrifices, I will spread this to my friends to remind them about handwork and perseverance.

11/06/2016 8:27pm

Now that is unfortunate. This event would have been fun. It could have tested all of your training efforts. Oh well, let's hope that they would bring it back within the next few years. But for now, keep on staying in shape. I haven't tried out any of these obstacle course races before. Maybe I should give it a shot as well.

12/25/2016 2:35pm

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03/03/2017 10:14am

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03/16/2017 7:02am

I haven't heard about this race before. Maybe I will participate in that next time.

03/19/2017 7:37pm

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