Very rarely does a sequel to a movie, animated or not, live up it’s predecessor.  So when I went back and gave the first of this series another watch the night before viewing the sequel, I was reminded how fantastic a movie the first one was.  The emotion and the heart that the first part carried would be very difficult to top.  So into the theater I went notebook in hand ready to watch this next installment and take notes for my review….

However after the first 5 minutes of the film, my attention never left the screen.  This sequel is nothing short of amazing.  The pacing of the film is steady delivering just where it should and it hits you with all the heart and emotion of the first film and then-some.  There were emotional highs, emotional lows, and I will warn you of this… bring tissues.  Both happy and sad tears will be shed.  All in all, this movie completely lives up to the original if not surpasses it.  The cast is magnificent and the story is excellent.  The writers and director of the the third and final installment will have a lot to live up to after how high the bar has been set with this sequel.  Well done, Dreamworks!

OFFICIAL REVIEW:   Very rare that a movie gets this from me but….. 10 out of 10.