It is “Impossible” not to enjoy this movie!!! (<-- You see what I did there, right?)

Okay so now let’s get serious… Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation is one of if not the best action movie of the summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the comic book movies that come from the Marvel camp but this movie was just plain exciting and fun.  It's filled with jaw-dropping action, premium stunts (some even performed by Cruise himself!) and elements of comedy that bring the movie back down to earth.  

I honestly never expected this franchise to survive as long as it has since the drop off of the second film in the series.  The first was good, the second I'd skip, however the 3rd film found it's footing once again setting up the awesomeness that was the 4th installment, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.  And now with Rogue Nation, these films just get better and better with this one that is right on par with Ghost Protol.  Cruise himself proves once again as well by doing his own large stunt that he earns every penny that he earns for these movies.  Cruise has said time and time again that he is very proud of this film franchise and it definitely shows in the production of this most recent one.  Not neglecting the rest of the cast, Tom Cruise is reunited with previous cast members Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner and new comers Rebecca Ferguson and Alec Baldwin.  Short of The Avengers, this cast has to be one of the strongest emsemble casts of any action movie that we've seen yet.  

All in all, this movie is a blast!  Awesome action, great timed comedic moments... it's worth checking out  on the big screen.  Watch it on IMAX if you can for the full experience.  

OFFICIAL REVIEW:  9 out of 10

First things first let me just say that I went into the theater to see this movie with low expectations.  While the premise looked good, it’s an Adam Sandler movie and he hasn’t exactly had the greatest track record when it comes to past films.  He has certainly tripped and stumbled the last few years when it comes to the projects that he produces (Grown Ups, Jack & Jill, The Cobbler).  However that being said, it seems this time around Sandler might have found his footing and is coming out of that funk because Pixels was a whole lot of fun!

Cast of this movie aside, being directed by Chris Columbus (the man who had his hand in such classics like The Goonies, Gremlins, and the Harry Potter series) is a promising aspect to this whole situation.  While some of the jokes may fall flat, like accepting Kevin James as the POTUS, for the most part the humor hits its mark.  Sandler plays the typical frumpy, down in the dumps character he usually plays but this time around it fits into this story making it work for him.  Throw in a cast of fantastic supporting characters like James (Here Comes the Boom), Josh Gad (Frozen, Book of Mormon), Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) and Peter “F’ing” Dinklage (Game of Thrones, Elf) and you’ve got a supporting cast the elevates this film to the fun level that it reaches. 

Lastly and what is most important about this movie is the nostalgia it brings to people who were children of the 80’s like myself.  From Donkey Kong to Q-Bert, Madonna to Fantasy Island, the references contained in this film are sure to bring flashbacks to anyone who remembers that great time as well as a smile to your face. 

Do what I do when I go into a movie…. Leave reality at the door and enjoy yourself for what a movie really is… entertainment.  Do that for Pixels and I can promise you will leave happy having just gone for a fantastic, fun ride and a great way to wrap up the summer movie stretch.

OFFICIAL REVIEW: 7 out of 10

Trainwreck is raunchy, it’s dirty… and I loved every minute of it.

If you are a fan of Amy Schumer and her brand of straight forward comedy, then Trainwreck is a movie you are going to love.  Staring alongside Schumer is SNL alum Bill Hader who definitely holds his own against Amy as well as adding his own comedic charm to his role.  Throw in a great supporting cast made up of Brie Larson, Colin Quinn, Vanessa Bayer, Dave Attell, and a nice handful of other up and coming comedians and you’ve got a cast that really holds this whole film together nicely.  However, besides Amy and Bill, the surprise stand out is NBA star LeBron James who definitely holds his own in this cast of comedic chops.

Trainwreck hits on every level.  It most certainly makes you laugh, it will make you cry, and at times will even make you feel completely uncomfortable but in the most fun way.  It’s a movie that you’ll want to see twice just to see what jokes you missed the first time around from laughing through them.  Her first time as a leading lady, Amy Schumer has a sure fire hit on her hands!

OFFICIAL REVIEW = 8 out of 10

Yes it's true... great things come in small packages!

Okay now that that cliche is out of the way, let's talk Marvel's Ant-Man.  So what can I say about this film that would sum everything up?  Marvel's Ant-Man has the comedic charm of "Guardians of the Galaxy" along with the thrilling action of The Avengers, but something new that we haven't seen yet in a film out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.... pure heart!  

While there are some nods to the rest of the MCU (including an appearance from an Avenger and some cameos from other movies on top of that), Ant-Man stands alone apart from the other superheroes we've already seen and it works.  It includes a fantastic cast rounded out by lead Paul Rudd and a solid supporting cast that includes Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll, and Evangeline Lily just to name a few.  Being familiar with the comic source material, Paul Rudd does a great job in portraying the lead of Scott Lang, and the story does one thing better than the latest Avenger movie in that it gives time for proper character development of all the supporting cast.

One thing I was worried about when it came to Ant-Man was the special effects considering the transition from big to tiny and the use of a lot of insects.  The CGI however completely holds up and even does a great job in making Michael Douglas seemlessly look decades younger in one part of the film.

Bottom line is that Ant-Man is just a fun, charming movie that is worth heading out this weekend to see, especially if you are a fan of anything having to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The cast is great, the story is witty, and the action keeps you on the edge of your seat.  But as I mentioned earlier, my favorite part of this movie is the emotion and the heart that it carries that we have not seen come from the MCU.  For that alone it is worth the view.  

Oh yeah and in typical Marvel style... stay all the way to the end for the mid AND after credit cut scene.

OFFICIAL REVIEW: 9 out of 10