First things first let me just say that I went into the theater to see this movie with low expectations.  While the premise looked good, it’s an Adam Sandler movie and he hasn’t exactly had the greatest track record when it comes to past films.  He has certainly tripped and stumbled the last few years when it comes to the projects that he produces (Grown Ups, Jack & Jill, The Cobbler).  However that being said, it seems this time around Sandler might have found his footing and is coming out of that funk because Pixels was a whole lot of fun!

Cast of this movie aside, being directed by Chris Columbus (the man who had his hand in such classics like The Goonies, Gremlins, and the Harry Potter series) is a promising aspect to this whole situation.  While some of the jokes may fall flat, like accepting Kevin James as the POTUS, for the most part the humor hits its mark.  Sandler plays the typical frumpy, down in the dumps character he usually plays but this time around it fits into this story making it work for him.  Throw in a cast of fantastic supporting characters like James (Here Comes the Boom), Josh Gad (Frozen, Book of Mormon), Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) and Peter “F’ing” Dinklage (Game of Thrones, Elf) and you’ve got a supporting cast the elevates this film to the fun level that it reaches. 

Lastly and what is most important about this movie is the nostalgia it brings to people who were children of the 80’s like myself.  From Donkey Kong to Q-Bert, Madonna to Fantasy Island, the references contained in this film are sure to bring flashbacks to anyone who remembers that great time as well as a smile to your face. 

Do what I do when I go into a movie…. Leave reality at the door and enjoy yourself for what a movie really is… entertainment.  Do that for Pixels and I can promise you will leave happy having just gone for a fantastic, fun ride and a great way to wrap up the summer movie stretch.

OFFICIAL REVIEW: 7 out of 10



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06/21/2016 3:34am

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07/20/2016 7:58pm

Pixels, for me, is just one big fun movie. And it is definitely one of Adam Sandler's better films. The action and comedy definitely delivered and the cast was just fun to watch. This film also served as a huge throwback to the 80's. Full of old video games that just bring the nostalgia out of the older generation. This movie is definitely a good one to watch if you're looking for just plain old fun.

12/11/2016 3:56am

It is stupid movue. I have had saw it and it's total dislike!


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04/11/2017 8:37am

Not bad for the one time. You wouldn't want to watch it twice.


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