Trainwreck is raunchy, it’s dirty… and I loved every minute of it.

If you are a fan of Amy Schumer and her brand of straight forward comedy, then Trainwreck is a movie you are going to love.  Staring alongside Schumer is SNL alum Bill Hader who definitely holds his own against Amy as well as adding his own comedic charm to his role.  Throw in a great supporting cast made up of Brie Larson, Colin Quinn, Vanessa Bayer, Dave Attell, and a nice handful of other up and coming comedians and you’ve got a cast that really holds this whole film together nicely.  However, besides Amy and Bill, the surprise stand out is NBA star LeBron James who definitely holds his own in this cast of comedic chops.

Trainwreck hits on every level.  It most certainly makes you laugh, it will make you cry, and at times will even make you feel completely uncomfortable but in the most fun way.  It’s a movie that you’ll want to see twice just to see what jokes you missed the first time around from laughing through them.  Her first time as a leading lady, Amy Schumer has a sure fire hit on her hands!

OFFICIAL REVIEW = 8 out of 10



12/27/2015 11:32pm

Another outstanding comedy thrill. A very refreshing movie that will ROCK off your mood!

08/07/2016 10:32pm

Wow, does it really will make laugh and cry? If it's true I need to try that!)) Thanks a lot!

09/10/2016 1:03pm

Trainwreck is very funny movie for everyone. Comedies have one main purpose, to make the audience laugh. The main emphasis of a comedy has always been humor. And Comedies are the often the most popular and highest grossing comedies around because they appeal to both genders and effectively entertain both genders.

02/01/2017 10:38pm

Together with my crazy friends, I've watched Trainwreck and it's totally entertaining and you'll realize you'll be laughing the whole length of the movie. For movie-goers who wanted to laugh, this is definitely a perfect movie for you! We all know Amy Schumer's brand of comedy, and gain, she showed it here and this time, she made it more engaging! You'll surely love this movie!

04/11/2017 8:38am

A good comedy for youth. It worth your attention.


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